uja Kalasha in Brass with Multiple Colors

The Brass Multicolor Puja Kalas Pital Lota is a timeless and traditional artifact that holds immense significance in Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies. Crafted with exquisite artistry, this sacred vessel serves as a symbol of devotion and reverence, enhancing the beauty and sanctity of auspicious occasions. Made from high-quality brass, the Puja Kalas Pital Lota … Lees meer

Kanhu Charan Mahanty political career

Kanhu Charan Mahanty is a regarded figure in the scholarly world, famous for his significant commitments to Odia writing. With his smart compositions and enthusiastic narrating, Mahanty has cut a unique spot in the hearts of perusers and has made a permanent imprint on the Odia scholarly scene. ️ Mahanty’s works incorporate a great many … Lees meer

Word Book By Odia language

“Word Book” is an enriching Odia literary masterpiece that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Odia language. Written with meticulous attention to detail, this book serves as a comprehensive guide and treasure trove of linguistic knowledge for both native speakers and language enthusiasts alike. Within its pages, “Word Book” presents a vast collection of … Lees meer

Odia Pooja Book By Sanischara Mela

Sanischara Mela” is a mesmerizing Odia book that intricately explores the celestial world of Saturn, also known as “Sanischara.” Written with eloquence and deep scientific insight, this book takes readers on a cosmic journey, unraveling the mysteries and symbolism associated with the planet. With rich storytelling and poetic language, the author delves into the lore, … Lees meer

Bilanka Ramayana Odia Puja Book

Bilanka Ramayana” by Chakradhara Das is a remarkable Odia book that presents a fresh perspective on the timeless epic, Ramayana. In this masterful retelling, Das weaves words together with finesse, painting a vibrant and deeply human portrait of Lord Rama, Sita, and the other iconic characters from the Ramayana. The book delves into the inner … Lees meer

Shreemad Iswara Geeta Odia Book

Open the gates to divine wisdom with “Shreemad Iswara Geeta” penned by the esteemed Odia author Pantita Gourahari Das. This profound masterpiece takes readers on a transformative voyage, unraveling the profound teachings of Lord Iswara. In this literary gem, Das skillfully weaves together verses that explore the sacred scriptures, presenting a tapestry of spiritual insights … Lees meer

Agni Purana Odia Book

The book “Agni Purana” by Kshetra Mohan Pradhan is a valuable addition to the literary landscape of Odia literature. This book is a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the ancient Indian text known as the Agni Purana, one of the eighteen Mahapuranas. Drawing from his vast knowledge and expertise in Indian mythology and religious texts, … Lees meer

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Join Offline & Online Tally Training Certification Course in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

SLA Consultants India’s Tally Course in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi is a specialized program tailored for individuals aiming to master Tally, a widely used accounting software. This course covers the fundamentals of accounting, Tally software operations, data entry, financial reporting, and advanced features. Delivered by experienced instructors, the course combines hands-on practice with theoretical knowledge, ensuring … Lees meer